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No, my ADSL service isn't running as fast as it could be?

I finally get ADSL after trying for several decades.  But if you are talking to a General Manager or his stooge in charge, they take it that a $90 per month ADSL plan is ADSL1, or is it someone from within Telstra itself?  No-one knows and no-one cares to find out as it took half a week of level 2 tech to work out why I was getting 6.6Mb/s download speed max. 


But they fixed that, wow, I finally have ADSL2+, time for the all important download test.  I have been on the net since 2004 this time.  I have gone through dial-up, then ISDN, then dial-up again, then finally onto satellite when the ABG days started and I have been on satellite ever since.  Around that time I also ended up on a disability pension, so all I do all day is surf the web; great fun with satellite, click & get do some chores.  But finally I have ADSL2+. 


I go to my favourite test site - testmy.net - and the download speed is13Mb/s - WT?  I have tried it morning noon and night & it is still the same, 13Mb/s down & the lovely 1Mb/s up.


The General Manager that was helping me get this ADSL was quoting from here - https://crowdsupport.telstra.com.au/t5/broadband-nbn/is-your-adsl-service-running-as-fast-as-it-coul... - and said he was getting his number one out next week; he said the same thing FIVE WEEKS AGO.  You can read my mind about what I think of him.  BTW, you have a faulty link to the speedtest link in his link to that page.  Another bloke gave me this which came from crowdsupport and it says I should get in the low 20's as I am 1100metres from the exchange - https://crowdsupport.telstra.com.au/t5/image/serverpage/image-id/17554i456159771EF87483/image-size/o...


Any suggestions for me to do apart from me going to the TIO

I had my account cancelled without my knowledge and no-one would tell me why

I had an install date of 1st September - no-one came & no-one told me why

I had an install date of 7th September - no-one came & no-one told me why

I had an install date of 11th September and the local bloke came a day early as I was leaving to go to the doctors.  He was in a foul mode and he wanted a fight with me; I am over 60 & been on a disability pension for over 2 decades.  The local dude was meant to connect me 3 times before but never bothered to come as he knew that the wiring is not marked, has illegal splices, broken joints, etc...


This thing is called a cluster (I don't know your policy about colourful words, but add one here).  This is my first post, sorry for the longness of it.  Any help would be a great relief to my headache, thanks

have a good 1

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Re: No, my ADSL service isn't running as fast as it could be?

You might be 1.1 KMs from exchange but the cable length might be much longer as it does not always take a direct route.


Could you post your modem DSL status. This will give indicate what the speed your link is cable off. The link status can be found here on Telstra modems. The image below shows an example.


TG587 Telstra T-Gateway (TG797). Telstra Gateway Max TG799 and Telstra Gateway Max II (TG800) > advance > broadband > DSL stats


Telstra Gateway Frontier (DJN2130), Telstra Smart Modem (DJA0230) Telstra Smart Modem Gen2 (DJA0231) > Advanced > Broadband > DSL stats Log in ID Gen 2 is admin/Telstra


Telstra Smart Modem Gen2 (LH1000) > Broadband Log in ID Gen 2 is admin/Telstra


Telstra Gateway (Sagemcom F@st 5355) > Advanced > Gateway Settings > Dev Info > General > xDSL (Near bottom of page) Password is admin


DSL Link 37 Mbps

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Re: No, my ADSL service isn't running as fast as it could be?

This is all I get, no-where near the info you have.  BTW, I have the Smart Modem Gen 2 with voice back-up.  Do you think the modem could be faulty, new stuff gets faulty all the time?

have a good 1

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