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No Velocity Connection

Hi all,

Just wanting to hopefully troubleshoot a problem we've been having with our new Velocity broadband. I want to find out if this is a simple issue of our service simply not being fully activated yet or if its another problem.

We moved into a rental a few weeks ago, not knowing it was in a Smart Community, but that's ok! We signed up for a new Velocity account last Thursday and was told it'd be up and running within 12 hours and the router would be sent out ASAP.

We could access My Bigpond the next day, while we didn't have the router yet I read that we should be able to access the net directly with a PPPoE connection via an ethernet cable to a data point in the house, but no luck. (there is one under the phone jack in the kitchen, and one in the bedroom - both didn't work)

The router arrived today so installed everything after following the instructions, but still no success. During the phase where it tries to connect with the Gateway, it comes up with an error saying could not be detected.

I've double and triple checked the cables, username/password etc. The WAN light is constantly flashing so isn't picking up anything - but there is no problem with the router to PC as it's showing up correctly in devices and I can access the modem details etc. Have also tried doing a factory reset.

Would this simply be a problem at the exchange that needs to be activated/fixed by Telstra?

There's a patch panel in the garage but nothing is labelled and its hard to see what's what, ive experimented with some of the ports but no luck so I set the cables back to their original positions from when we moved in. There also doesn't seem to be blue data socket which some people have suggested looking for.

Many thanks for any help!

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Re: No Velocity Connection

PS. Our phone is already connected and working.
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Re: No Velocity Connection

Hi Vixen,

Smart Community wiring can be anything but at times Smiley Sad  But we'll try to help where we can Smiley Happy


Typically if you have a patch panel there should be an ethernet cable connected to the Telstra box on the outside of the premises leading into the patch panel.  IF the electrician has done a proper job they should have marked one of the ports as Data-In or DIN or something along those lines.  If not unfortunately things just got harder.  You'll need to try the modem in each data port in the patch panel in the hope that you get a link on one of the lines.  If you don't then I'd suspect the wiring between the Telstra box and the patch panel hasn't been connected or wasn't done correctly.  You can call the Velocity Helpdesk and they can dispatch a tech to attend the premises but they will typically only attend to the Telstra box on the outside of the house as that is where Telstra's responsibilites end.  However they will be able to tell you if they can get a signal to that box or not, if they can't then it's something they need to fix and they should do that while onsite Smiley Happy  If they do get a signal then unfortunately its an internal wiring issue and you'll need to contact an electrician (or in your case talk to your rental agency to contact the owner as they should foot the cost of any wiring work required, the place we moved into 12 months ago had no connection into the house but the owner footed the $299 new connection fee sinec they have to provide a working phone service)  Hope this info helps! Smiley Happy


Actually one last thing, does the internet light turn on at all?  This might indicate there is a connection to the outside world but you're not authenticating correctly.

Please note that I am an Telstra employee posting in my own time and on my own volition, my opinions and advice are my own and do not constitute the views, values or policies of Telstra.

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