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Noise Profile not updating

Hey guys,

So two days ago, I updated my Noise profile from NP2, to NP1 as an experiment to try and fix some lag and packet loss events.

4 hrs after I changed to NP1 my modem resynced and I went from 6mbs to 7.8mbs but my SN Margin went from 12/12 to 12/6. I started to get dropouts and instantly reverted back from NP1 to NP2. 18 hours pass and the mybigpond website says that I am on NP2 but I am still synced as NP1, I restart my router numerous times and nothing changes.

I rang up bigpond technical support and they were unable to help, all they said was that I was definately on NP2 even though I know that I am still synced as NP1.

I decided to do another experiment, and I upped myself up to NP3 to see if that kicks anything in, it has infact done the opposite effect that I desired, I am now syncing at 8.5Mbs and my SN margin is <5.

I was told on the phone that I would have a a tech come to my house tomorrow, but I feel this is a computer error and not a hardware error, plus my internet keeps disconnecting and I have been unable to use it since this problem occured.

please help Smiley Sad

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Noise Profile not updating

Hi Nargles_21


That's not good it sounds like one of your line chages has just gotten stuck, possible due to how quickly you changed it, usually the system requires a minimum of 4 hours between changes. You can find out more here:  http://go.telstra.com.au/helpandsupport/-/adsl-line-profiles about how these affect your service. If you've checked again today and it's still stuck please try to change it again now some time has passed. If there's no improvement contact our Technical Support teams 24x7 on 133 933 or chat here for further assistance: 


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