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Not a question

Normally an outspoken critic of various Telstra problems, which of course are not problems, I'd like to do something different.


I've just learned that Telstra will be dropping it's 100Mbps plan down to 50Mbps.




I applaud Telstra on making this decision.


It's no secret in today's world that humans are starving for honesty.  Our news feeds are littered with lies and deflections and trust is scarce.


This change is a welcome sign because as a personal rule, I can never be angry with anyone or any business if they are being honest.


This is an obvious acknowledgement of the fact that the NBN was redundant from the moment that ________ Malcolm Turnbull and his team of clowns decided FTTN was the way to go.  For many of us with a career spanning decades in the industry, it was a moment when our hearts sank.


Thank you Telstra.

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Re: Not a question

I feel the same way. Transparency and honesty for customers is a luxury in today's world. Very refreshing to see, even if it does negatively impact a small number of fttn customers that COULD reach above the 50mbps limit


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Not a question

Just for clarity, they are ceasing sale of 100Mbps plans for FTTN, FTTC & FTTB services.


FTTP & HFC services can still get 100Mbps plans.

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