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Not getting ADSL2+ speeds in Mornington


Hi everyone,


We've been with Telstra for over 15 years and have not once had consistent speed. We lived near the center of Mornington, Victoria for about six years and had a maximum speed of 1MBps (that was very rare, the average was 400KBps). To make matters worse, our internet would slow down to lower than dial-up speeds whenever it rained, which apparently may have been caused by the crystallization of the adhesive in the pit (or so I've been told).


Another irritation is that our family friends - who lived literally around the corner (about six houses down) - have had a consistent 6MBps for the past several years and they're on the exact same plan! We're on the 'Telstra Complete Home Saver 500GB Bundle Fast ADSL2+' and we're not getting the speeds that we're paying for!


We moved two years ago closer to Main St, however this didn't change much in terms of internet speed. Our house was almost brand new, and yet our speeds wouldn't go above 800KBps (better than our old home, but still not what we're paying for). We had a technician come in and apparently one of the cables wasn't completlely plugged in. After he did his job, we managed to get a somewhat consistent 1.3MBps (however the rain issue still persisted).


While the internet was managable previously, my son is now working with a major U.S. company as a video editor and needs to regularly upload and download large quantity files. It can take over 3 days to upload a single project, and he works with strict deadlines. During uploading, the internet becomes unusable, and even a single downtime could cost my son his dream career.


Our previous experiences with Telstra Support almost exclusively involve the suggestion of purchasing a new router, which we were suckered into doing only once and have since not given in to the false 'solution' (not to mention it's a D-Link Taipan DSL-4320L, a very high-end router/modem).


We can't wait for the NBN either, even though that's planned to arrive within a year (although we're somewhat skeptical about that deadline). What can we do (if anything) to get the speeds that we're paying for?


Thanks in advance.


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Re: Not getting ADSL2+ speeds in Mornington

I've wondered the same thing for a few years now.  In my experience there is nothing you can do, you will tear your hair out dealing with Telstra over this.  They probably just think that as long as you have a connection it's working fine.  They will then tell you that it may be due to local congestion or how far you are from the exchange blah blah blah.


They just don't care!


Good luck with your son, I run a business from home and it is suffering because I can no longer get a reliable connection after 12months of it working perfectly.  2months on and I'm still getting no where with them.  I just don't know how much longer I will be able to put up with them, I'm now seeking compensation for all the time wasted and all the mobile data I'm having to use instead.  Even if they do credit it to my account I will then be stuck with Telstra until I have used up all the credit they owe me.  And still my internet is constantly dropping out, the months roll on.  I live on Princes Hwy, you would think they could have a reliable service along this road but no.


So frustrating!

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