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open port request.

Hi, I have recently converted to Telstra cable, from TPG ADSL2+

previouslty my work VPN & email worked without issue. Since the change over , I cant connect.  I work from home.

VPN = Global Protect, V2.3.4-4

Email = Lotus Notes, V9.0.1


Our IT  tells me I need to have the Telstra provided router firewall set to  Medium and Enable Scan port ticked for the VPN to connect. But this combination then block Lotus Notes

I was then informed by our IT dept that  I need to request that you open ports 1352 & 1533


My router details are;

Hardware Version - C6300BD-202

Software Version - 5510_V10413

Software Version(Linux) - 2.6.30.V1.04.13


What'srequired ot open these two ports ?



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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: open port request.

Telstra doesn't block ports, with the exception of 25 which is reserved for Telstra's mail server. 


Try port forwarding those ports on the modem. However using most of the advanced features on the 6300 are pretty hit and miss as to whether or not they will work properly.  

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