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Ordinary URL always taking me to mymodem.modem


This started happening on my laptop with my home broadband (which is still having issues - entirely relying on mobile backup at the moment, three weeks now), but now it happens with a particular site even when I'm on my work wifi.

Telstra were/are no help, saying it was because of the issues with the broadband, but that seems unlikely if it's happening away from that connection (which is not working, did I mention that?)

Thanks in advance


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Ordinary URL always taking me to mymodem.modem

If you use 4G back up for extended period of time it first gets throttled to 256 Kbps and eventually if the 4G back is still used it gets disabled. As you have a fault on the main link I suggest you contact support and ask them to submit a web form to have throttling removed and if the backup has been disabled to have backup re-enabled.

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