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Organisational Incompetence

Here we are in December and after 2 months of complaints about one of my numbers cut off but still receiving monthly accounts..  I have a resolution - not.

After countless phone time and speaking with call centres around the world I still cannot get my phone put on NBN after I have NBN installed and one phone number functioning with numerous visits by telstra contractors who come to install a different number and the NBN on second number still not working.  Last week techs were out to correct and connect my business number and stated all good working.  When I arrive and plug phone in, you guessed it nothing.  I ring my number that was to be converted to NBN to discover it is disconnected.

I have been offered a different number.  At what point is Telstra able to perform a simple task of changing an copper connection to nbn and retain existing number.  I feel like no one at Telstra understands how to connect lines or understand simple instructions of why an existing business does not want to change a number they have had for decades.

But according to Telstra accounts this number is working well and the charges roll in each month.  The case of left hand does not know what the right hand is doing.  

This is so frustrating and trying to solve this issue is going to need external prompting from a government agency that has the clout to get the job done.   .


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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Organisational Incompetence

Hi Imelda,

I am very sorry that you've had so much trouble with this NBN connection, it certainly sound like a disappointing experience for you & your business.

If you happen to have an SR case number in regards to this that you can share with me I can reach out to your case manager & ask that they contact you. If you don't have a case number I would suggest chatting with the business team on the following secure chat link to see what further advice & follow up they can suggest.

Get back to us if you require further advice.


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