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Outlook 2011 Mac cannot send emails, receives only.

I migrated from IINET to Telstra last week, I have a mac with outlook 2011 and multiple email accounts with different providers setup as IMAP, such as personal domains, hotmail and gmail.


Since moving to telstra and the telstra modem that was supplied I cannot send emails, they sit in the out box, receiving is fine, I know it's not the email service providers, as I can connect to my Telstra 3g/4g mobile iphone and all emails send immediatly, I can also go onto other peoples broadband and it works... it's an issue with my new Telstra broadband connection.


Please advise?



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Re: Outlook 2011 Mac cannot send emails, receives only.

Resolved by changing the outgoing port to 465

Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Outlook 2011 Mac cannot send emails, receives only.

Hey Ziguana,


Welcome to Telstra and I'm glad you found the solution to your issue with sending emails through your new Telstra Broadband service. Thanks again. 

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