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Outward emails blocked by Spamhaus

Hi, last night I tried to send an email. A message came up that I was blocked by spamhaus on 3 levels: SBL, XBL & PBL

I had never heard of Spamhaus and panicked when reading some of the issues.

I rang Bigpond tech support & said I was very worried about the virus issues, Tech support (TS) said I wouldn't have a virus and closed my internet connection to assign a new IP address.

I entered the new IP into Spamhaus and it came up on the PBL list. It recommended checking that my email addresses had SMTP turned on.

I checked my Bigpond online Email Status & it says SMTP is turned off for both email addresses. Yet when I check my email accounts via Outlook>Tools>Wizard:  it says that SMTP is on.

I then rang TS again and they took over my computer, used the email wizard checked the SMTP and said I hadn't done it correctly & that I was now SMTP authenticated.

Yet my Bigpond online email status still says that SMTP is off

This is it, same for both emails:

  • Incoming POP server:
  • Incoming POP mail: port 110
  • Outgoing SMTP server:
  • Outgoing SMTP: port 25
  • Incoming uses SSL: Off (this is required)
  • Outgoing uses SSL: Off (this is required)
  • Authentication Outgoing server (SMTP) authentication: Off


I entered todays IP address on Spamhaus and am still on the PBL list

 On the Spamhaus site it states:

  • Is the SMTP authentication working correctly at your mail server? (ask your ISP to check)


  • Make sure you are connecting to your mail server's 'authenticated mail' port 587 and not the ordinary 'unauthenticated' port 25. (ask your ISP to check for you)

I am on Port 25


I am using MS Office Professional 2003.

Can anyone help, I am a very basic computer user and need any answers in very plain english.

Also, with being on the three blocked lists yesterday what is my virus situation likely to be??


Thanks .....momma

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Re: Outward emails blocked by Spamhaus

Hi momma,


Welcome to CrowdSupport!


I can certainly help you with this. What I'll need to do is get some account details from you so can then follow this up and have it rectified.


I've sent you a private message with a link that you can go to and fill in some account details. After receiving this information we can then investigate further for you.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask.


-Matt W

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Re: Outward emails blocked by Spamhaus

Hi Matt,


I'm also now experiencing the same issue.  Can you please assist me also?


Thanks in advance for your help.





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Re: Outward emails blocked by Spamhaus

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Re: Outward emails blocked by Spamhaus

Having same issue. Can you help me also or post solution? Thanks
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Re: Outward emails blocked by Spamhaus

Hello, I have been confronted with this issue tonight, any idea what the story is, and how do I fix it please?


Thanks, Ed.

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Re: Outward emails blocked by Spamhaus

Did a bit of reading, unplugged mdeom and restarted, now it's working, I can send e-mails??

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Re: Outward emails blocked by Spamhaus



Solution: If resetting the router does not give results, then you should try:


Go to options, Ports, Set SMTP to port 25 and POP port to 110


Even if these values are already set it is good to reconfirm them in the settings page. If you think that all is configured correctly on both email and router, then go to the spamhaus website and lookup your ip address: it should give you an option to remove the ip address from the system.


An important point is that often spamhaus will not block the sending email, if this occurs it is most likely that your ip address has changed, it is recommended that you set this ip address as a static ip address so as not to encounter further problems


Hopefully I have helped and all the best

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