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Over a Month delay for NBN Order Bundle

Placed an online order on the 28/05/20, and received an emailed order confirmation with apparently an invalid order reference? (NA51007001). Then a few days later an email "important information about your plan".

This was followed by nothing but crickets. I followed up via 24x7 chat and eventually after multiple people over a week or more, who kept marking it 'resolved', it became apparent the order hadn't gone through properly and so got "re-keyed" on 18/06/20 (ref 1-2553219075282).

I was told that NBN tech was booked for 2/07/20 and a Telstra Tech for 31/07/20 !! Still no sign of the modem or any further updates besides 3 identical "plan details on a page" emails and another "important information about your plan" email.


Is everyone facing the same delays and complete lack of effective comms from Telstra at the moment?


We're already on NBN with another ISP, but decided to give Telstra a go in the hope it was faster during peak periods. I thought switching was supposed to be simple once you were already on the NBN....



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