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Overall Poor Internet Quality

Way back in June I was playing World of Warcraft and suddenly my internet completely dropped out. Logged back in and realised my latency was at 183. This was fine until It started to jump to 700-800 and slowly work its way back to 183. I logged off completely and left it for the night. I jumped back on about 24 hours later to see that nothing had changed. 183, jumped high and slowly worked its way back. I reset the modem and thought it would fix the problem, it usually does. Still, same old latency issue. I tested other games and streaming websites such as Twitch and Youtube, neither allowed me to watch videos in 720p, something that was never an issue. 


I ended up calling Telstra as a few times it's been a "late bill" that just needed to be cleared up and the quality would be fine. No help whatsoever. I then noticed the lights on the modem were flashing and simply wouldn't stop until I switched off my PC as I thought it was an issue on my end. After my brothr built his own system, It became clear my computer wasn't the issue. When no PC is connected, everything is fine. Smart phones and tablets in the house work completely fine. 

Essentially, the internet connection in the house is simply unstable and poor in quality. I've called Telstra a couple of times since the intial call and they've been far from helpful. Simply asking me to do a Speedtest hasn't helped at all. It's getting worse the longer it remains, the other night it took me several attempts to even upload a University report.


It is an ADSL2, Thomson TG782T modem.  Just did a Speedtest and it's 28ms ping, 5.49mbps Download and 0.81mbps Upload. 

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Overall Poor Internet Quality

Hi Swarzey,


Have you tried an alternate modem or contacting BigPond Tech Support on 133 933 to request a replacement modem if you are still within the contract period?


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