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P2P torrents not allowed?

Evening all,


Quick question. It apprears to me that Telstra is no longer allowing P2P. This is based off the following details:

- I use/used qTorrent

- I was downloading via torrent application qTorrent ISO's from vuln hub to advance my Cyber Security skills..... (CTF's)

- After 1-5 mins of this my internet connetion drops, I am required to go in and "reconnect to the internet". 

- If I still have the torrents going I lose it again.

- If I close the app then reconnect my internet connection is stable.


Is this common for all now? If this is the case I will be leaving Telstra at once.... This is UNACCEPTABLE.... 


I originally joined telstra because of their F*@$ you approch to this.... as this apprears to no longer be the fact there is NO reason to continue with them as their prices are BS to put it nicely.....


I could not find an official statement on this new change. Anyone else lucky enough to find it?



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Re: P2P torrents not allowed?

I've never had any issues with P2P on both ADSL and FTTP.


What do you have to do specifically when you say you "reconnect to the internet"


What type of internet service do you have?



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Re: P2P torrents not allowed?

Telstra don't block P2P connections. They do block some sites that are subject to court orders that provide lists of torrents that are considered to breach copyright laws.


I can even download via a P2P connection on my Telstra mobile.


It could just be a flaky connection to vulnhub that is causing it to drop out (or your own computer firewall having a hissyfit at the torrent stream - I used to have that one a few years back).  Have you considered trying a different Torrent application? I use utorrent (mu torrent) personally and find it very stable.


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Re: P2P torrents not allowed?



could it be your security software that killed the connection?




Nortons doesnt like it.

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