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Packet Loss help

Have been getting outbound packet loss to discord for over a month now, regardless of the server location i use, usually to fix it i will have to reconnect anywhere from 10-20 times, have had my ping spiking in online games unless i use a VPN, here is a couple of traceroutes to show what has been happening today after rebooting the gateway, is the only one not showing packet loss out of what i have tested



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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Packet Loss help

It looks like there is a problem on the route between the Telstra gateway you are connected to in Melbourne and Sydney. On the plots were there is packet loss the common link is between 203.50.25,14 and

I have done a ping plot on my NBN connection in Adelaide and there is no packet loss. The route is through Melbourne and Sydney ( but not

I can not offer any advise on how you can convince Telstra support that there is a network problem.

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