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parental control issue

Somehow parental control got switched on. Its blocking access to numerous websites, I have have spoken to support after waiting 24 hours for a reply and still no joy in removing the block.

The blocked page goes to a TELSTRA BROADBAND PROTECT website stating that

"Parental Controls on your Telstra home broadband don’t allow you to visit this website."

and also

"To check your Telstra Broadband Protect settings, log in to My Account. Then select Telstra Broadband Protect under your Add-ons for your broadband service."

This has been ongoing since 13th March.

The problem is that I do not have the Telstra Broadband Protect addon and never have.

INC ref number 09069299

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: parental control issue

By default all Telstra broadband services have broadband protect enabled. You can control the level of protection through Telstra my account but It can only be disabled completely by contactjng support. Even with the lowest level of protection it blocks some sites.


Telstra broadband protect can be bypassed by using a different DNS. If you have a Telstra Smart modem the DNS can be changed in the modem by logging i to the modem (password is Telstra), Go to Advanced  > Local network, select a non Telstra DNS from drop down menu and save settings. Do this for both IPv4 and IPv6. Disconnect and reconnect your device.

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Re: parental control issue

Good luck with contacting support!

Applied your solution and it seems to have worked although I'll wait a while to see it it reverts. Much appreciation for your assistance.


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