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Passwords ADSL2+ and Myaccount/Email

I just needs some clarification . After Boucing around Level 1/2 support all week after Churning over to Telstra.

   I finally have a working service - Only 5 days late... (With some line tuning still to come which will improve the speed even  more...) - Even with the bad line the speed is better that the old adsl1 service I had.   Anyway the question -


I have been advised by tech support and it seems to be backed up on this forum that the MyAccount password is the SAME password as the PPPOA/E password for the modem.  I have been having activation problems . Telstra would reset my Password.  I could login to the My account with the new password - I can change my password.  Logout/ Log back in etc.. However I could still not get the Broadband to authenticate.  Finally a Lvl 2 reset my password and sms'd it to me.  I put that in the modem are up it came. The Email/Myaccount password did not change ? - So she reset a Different Password ?


SO - is It meant to be One User/password Or -  Different passwords for My account/email Vs The PPP password.   Is there a syncronization delay when changing it in Myaccount.  Has somthing still gone wrong in my setup ? that I still need to resolve ? Or do I just keep using two passwords and never change my Broadband PPP one ? 


Thanks in advance for any Useful advise.  It will be helpful to know whats normal before I go back to Lvl2 again ...

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Re: Passwords ADSL2+ and Myaccount/Email

If you change a password it can take a few hours to change across the board.. Silly I know.. It's just what I've found in the past.

Yes your ADSL login and pass is the same normally. Maybe after some time the router will fail and you'll need to change the pass.


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