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My NBN/Telstra package calls for 25/5 Mbps..Not a big ask, but it suits my needs (or it would if it worked!) For at least three months I have been getting 11.3/4.6 Mbps with frequent drop outs (which means no phone either!). I have had virtually no service from the help line, just useless apologies & long waits & finally wrote to my MP who managed to have my problems prioritised. Now, I'm being looked after by a dedicated trouble shooting team, however three NBN technician visits later, a new node port, re-attaching copper wires in the local pit, numerous tests which seem to fix the problem for a week only each time, before reverting to 11.3/4.6; I am back at square one. I do get my 25/5, after each visit but only for a week! I have verbal undertakings to advance my problem to a more senior level, but frankly i don't give a %--t. I just want the service I contracted for, not apologies! Are we a third world country or what? And yes, before someone asks:"why not change to another provider?" Well, there will be the same wire & node, although presumably a different modem. And why haven't Telstra replaced my modem? Oh, they don't think it's that!!! Give me back my ADSL2 Pleeeze!

Rilly P

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