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phone not working

Access to my NBN broadband (cable) recently started to slow down eventually stopping altogether. After several hours messaging Telstra help, they realized that there was a problem at their end.  This was fixed but at the same time that the NBN speed was restored our phone line died. It seems the two must be linked. A couple of more hours with Telstra help did not resolve the issue so a technician was booked to come to our house. They never turned up and I received a message (which disappeared from the mobile phone after I read it) that the problem was solved.  It is not!

Can anyone advise what to do next?  I have done all the standard tests, reset the modem, used the on-line troubleshooting, replaced the phone and cables, etc etc. 

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Re: phone not working

If your modem is a Telstra Smart Modem 2, try forcing the modem into 4G backup mode by disconnecting the cable in the grey DSL port or the red WAN port and wait a few minutes for the modem to switch into 4G Backup mode which will show as a steady blue indicator on the front..  then see if your home phone works (it may take a couple more minutes to register properly)...


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