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Please send proof of document text

I am in the middle of getting my address registered with NBNCo. Telstra is assisting me with the process.

I just received a text from Telstra as follows:

"Hi, from Telstra! Please send the proof of document, utility bill and letter box of the current address as this is part of the update for your address to NBN"


1: What "Proof of Document"?

2: I assume a current utility bill will suffice

3: Letter box? Do they want a photo of my letter box?

4: Send all this information where? There is no option to reply to this text message.


I'd like to say I've seen a less understandable text, but I'd be hard pressed to find one that's more obscure.

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Please send proof of document text

The txt is a bit ambiguous. What they want is current utility bill with your name address on it, as to were to send the document I wouldn’t have a clue. If you are near a Telstra shop you could take it to the Telstra shop. If there are no nearby Telstra stores you could either fax or email a scanned copy to the fax number or email address in link below 



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