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Please update my order Telstra ? NBN team ?

On the starting of march, I just moved to a new apartment at Docklands Melbourne with new NBN devices installed at home already. So for the first time I knowledge this NBN thing and I chose Telstra as my internet provider.

4 weeks ago about 6th March, my plan was updated. And one of the Telstra guy told me there will be a NBN technician guy to come for portal installation at 8th of march 1~5 PM, yeah I did spend all day wait for the guy but he didn't show out and nobody give me a call about it. So I made a call to Telstra , u guys told me my information is wrong for no reason. i was so confused , then for the rest of the week I keep calling Telstra , there are lots of unfortunate things just happend during these time such as Telstra System maintaining , Area internet fault issue bla bla bla...what make me can't really get information about what's going on with my order.

Another two weeks went by,Finally there is one smart guy his name Jhonton on sales team  figure it out that my address could be wrong. Yeah cause this is a new developed apartment so there are 2 multiple address 15 Doepel way or 421 Docklands drive. Suddenly I realise I should put 421 Dockland drive instead of 15 Doepel way as this address has written on my NBNco box. Great news ! and the guy promise once this main address problem has been solved my order should be proceed soon !

Sad thing is  I received nothing but just waitting and nothing was changed, so i rang Telstra , some of u guys told me there is a 10 days cooling up period of my plan and some of them  told me assured that in between 24 and 48 hours my plan would be changed. I have correct my address and re-newed  my order at 22 of March , If there is really a cooling up period, my order should be proceed soon by now.

My reference number for the plan is: INT 1-1098854396006

This numbers is "Not found" according to the Telstra order tracker.

My NBN order number for the plan is : 1-1096400832150

and this number is not available to track Smiley Sad

Today I made a call to both Telstra and a small internet firm, Telstra give me same story another 24~72 hours , but the small firm told me cause my NBN box is already installed at home, i should get portal connect within 2 working days. And to be honest they every price they offered are 20% cheaper than Telstra. Any way I dont mind pay a bit more to get a reliable service and I have stay with this issue for about a month it makes me so frustrated. feel really disappointed with this service Telstra. 


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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Please update my order Telstra ? NBN team ?

Sorry to hear of the NBN delays Shinn. This page is for the community to help and can't access account or a secure method for contact about account. For NBN technical support please give us a call on 1800 834 273 and we can check on this for you.



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