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Points order cancelled

Terrible experience trying to buy something using my Telstra points. Order placed, points and money taken, then the next day the order is cancelled via email as I need to show ID in store...except stores are closed for non essential reasons! Ridiculous when all I’m trying to do is use my Telstra points and my own cash to buy something outright!

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Re: Points order cancelled

I feel for you, it has happened to me twice so I am very wary of using it again. And in my cases, the order was just cancelled, nothing to do with showing ID. It is made worse by the fact that the points are not restored to you for weeks (which you won't be aware of yet)... 


All I can suggest is to make a big noise about the way the Rewards Store doesn't interact with the customers and/or keep them advised of order progress or other action - such as cancellation. Most of the time they communicate through NO REPLY email or SMS.


Complain on the Telstra app, via your account (web), phone calls, lodge a formal complaint and keep all reference numbers they provide. You may eventually get some form of compensation for the way you have been treated even.


Telstra...  you can't keep playing the Covid card as a reason for your appalling customer service, lack of communication and no transparency!!  There has been plenty of opportunity to adjust to the new environment and it is even more important now to perform better at the customer interface! 

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