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Poor adsl connection quality Sunshine coast qld.

I've been at my current address since 2006 (Caloundra QLD), I've been on the same adsl plan (not adsl2+ since it seems I can't get it here) the entire time.


Over the past 18 months my connection quality has gotten worse and worse to the point now that from 3pm - 11pm every night I cannpot even browse web pages.


I have been in constant contact with the "technical support" since I first noticed my connection speeds becoming erratic.


I've been through line tests, isolation tests, hardware configs for modem and pc, malware checks etc (I'm a web designer by trade I keep my computer clean and running smoothly, but I do constant checks and scan to make sure).


I want to know what it is I can do because the moment i am paying essentially $90 a month so I can use the internet in the mornings... maybe.


Im not going over my limit (or even getting near it most of the time) and bills are paid on time.


My current speed tests are:

Line Speed: 0.47mbs (470kbs)

download speed: 0.06mbs (59kbs)



Until 18 months ago I was getting 700kbs download speeds with no issues.


So now out of pure frustration with the answers of "dunno but if we have to come check it will cost you" I want to know if anyone has any idea about how to resolve this?


could it be congestion at the exchange? (since here in Caloundra we have 30k people using 1 exchange and "DA's"' all over to extend the coverage).


There are techs on the telsra box, which is litterally against my fence, every week yet never once have anyone on tech support agreed to check on my connection in the box.


Sorry for the angry tone but after 18 months I've gotten fed up and just want what I pay for.

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Poor adsl connection quality Sunshine coast qld.

Hey Arginious,


I think what you have been told hasn't been conveyed correctly. Fee For Service is where the attending technician can charge for the appointment, but this doesn't happen to all customers, only those who have a fault that is caused by their own equipment (eg. BYO Modem, internal wiring). 


In regards to your issue, the time frame you have provided does look to be peak hours (after School/Work till late) so it could be caused by congestion. Unfortunately if the issue is congestion, then this isn't a quick or easy fix, and generally requires waiting for the exchange to be upgraded. When you call or speak to LiveChat we can definitively confirm if the issue is congestion or not.


I completely understand the frustration. I would definitely suggest calling or speaking to LiveChat ( to run tests on this for you.






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