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Poor communication from Telstra


Thought you may be interested in the following conversation beteween myself and a Telstra "live chat" rep..yesterday.

I am now without internet and Foxtel for one week...and can't seem to get a definitive answer (other than underground cable repairs) as to why and when it will resume.  Not impressed with Telstra at this point in time...wished I'd stayed with Optus!



Telstra rep (Listening)
 Rep: Hi,(A transcript of this Chat is retained and may be monitored for coaching purposes. Please select 'Disconnect' if you do not wish to proceed)
Rep: Hi there! How may I help you? :-)

 Paul Burdett: Hi,

 Rep: How may I help you Paul?

 Paul Burdett: My broadband internet and Foxtel have been out since last Monday. Telstra told me it was doing cable repairs in my area(Wavell Heights, Brisbane)...national broadband?? Telstra service webpage shows that broadband was restored at 6am today. However, I still don't have the service and Telstra rep told me on the phone it should be back tomorrow at 7pm. Meanwhile I have purchased a pre paid broadband usb so I can go online.

 Paul Burdett: Can't seem to get a clear answer as to when my service will be restored.

Rep: I'll check on that hold on.
Rep: I need to locate your account first.

So I can locate your account, please provide me the following:
- Your full BigPond email address.
- Your full name.
- Your date of birth.

 Paul Burdett:   (info given)
Rep: Thank you for those information. One moment please while I check your account.

 Paul Burdett: Slightly angry that Telstra did not make contact to advise of the outage
Rep: I apologise for the inconvenience.
Rep: I'm still checking the status of the outage. Hold on please.

 Paul Burdett: Thank you

 Rep: No worries.

 Paul Burdett: Where are you based?
Rep: We based in Manila, Philippines.

 Paul Burdett: I guess the info you will give me is the same as the info I got earlier today on the phone then ?

 Paul Burdett: By the way...the Telstra serivce status page shows the info was updated at 4pm's now 4.25pm so the info is the most recent

Rep: Okay, here's what I'm going to do.
I'll go ahead and further check our outage board on this because it seems that your correct, I can see that the modem is not yet online.
Is your modem currently turned off?

 Paul Burdett: the prepaid usb device detected another connection. Not sure if I will lose internet if I turn it on now.

 Paul Burdett: shall i turn it on?

Rep: Yes please.

 Paul Burdett: ok hold please.

 Rep: Sure.

 Paul Burdett: ok..turned on

 Rep: Okay. I'll try to refresh your modem.

 Paul Burdett: ok

 Rep: How are the lights in your modem?

 Paul Burdett: top power green light is one ds(green) is light on (second of the 4 internet lights) bottom light (wireless link) is on. Online light is NOT on.

 Paul Burdett: Why would phone operator tell me tomorrow at 7pm should be restored?

 Rep: It seems that it doesn't want to go online. I'll go ahead and check our outage board again. Can you please give 3 more minutes?

 Paul Burdett: sure...thanks

Rep: I will have to check on that, hold on.

 Paul Burdett: Other people in my area also have no Foxtel (using same cable as internet)
Rep: I checked the outage board, Yes I saw that the issue is not yet fixed.

 Paul Burdett: How do I access the outage board??

 Paul Burdett: what is the issue??

Rep: The expected time of restoration is tomorrow at 7pm.

 Paul Burdett: National broadband??

 Rep: Okay, Hold on.

 Rep: You can view the outage board online.
JUst go to

Or you can just click the link below:

 Paul Burdett: ok thank you. the work being done the installation of the new National Broadband service?

 Paul Burdett: That's the same site I've been gouing to!! It says 6am today restored??

 Rep: Sorry, I don't have the access to the National Broadband.

 Paul Burdett: sorry please wait while I check it.

Rep: We have different outage board on our end Paul.

 Paul Burdett: says restored at 6am today...where do you get 7pm tomorrow???

 Paul Burdett: ok..why??

 Rep: It could be that the outage board online is not yet updated.

 Paul Burdett: NO!! it says updated 16.40 hours..which is now!

 Rep: On our end, Its showing here that the expected time of restoration is tomorrow at 7pm.

 Paul Burdett: can you supply a link to what you see?

 Rep: You can just try to restart again your modem after 1 hour.

 Paul Burdett: why restart after 1 hour?

 Rep: Sorry, our outage board can only be accessed internally.

 Paul Burdett: that doesn't make sense to me!

 Rep: Well, I suggested to restart your modem so you check if the online light will go online. If not you will have to wait until tomorrow.

 Paul Burdett: ??? If 7pm tomorrow is the restoration time...then why would my modem come online???

Rep: Are you able to connect using the old modem?

 Paul Burdett: what old modem??

 Rep: Sorry, That is just to check since in the BigPond website its showing that the issue is already restored today.

 Paul Burdett: What "old" modem`are you talking about??

 Paul Burdett: You said that it's 7pm tomorrow!!
Rep: Sorry, just forget about the old modem.

 Paul Burdett: I'm not sure that you are giving me correct offence

 Rep: Paul, in our outage board when I checked in your area. The restoration is until 7pm tomorrow.

 Paul Burdett: So you keep saying...that doesn't help me. I want to know why I am unable to get that info for myself!

 Paul Burdett: Who can I call in Brisbane to get that info?

 Rep: Just dial 133 933. open 24 x 7

 Paul Burdett: Every phone number ends up to a call centre!

 Paul Burdett: in Manilla
Rep: That's the only number I can provide.

 Paul Burdett: Then Telstra has a problem as far as I'm that it doesn't have good communication with its customers.

 Paul Burdett: So...basically I'm wasting my time calling them, as I will get the same info as you are giving me.

 Rep: I believe you will get the same information when you dial the number.

 Paul Burdett: That's what I said!

 Paul Burdett: appears that you cannot help me further. Thank you.

Rep: Thank you very much for using our Live Chat Service. Please feel free to come back and chat with us anytime, as we are always happy to assist you.

 Rep has disconnected.
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Re: Poor communication from Telstra

Anytime I have had to complain about a Telstra service I just call 132200. When the automatic menu comes on just say 'complaints' and it always takes me to an Australian based, English speaking operator. (They said they were in Geelong)


They were quite helpful too! Smiley Happy

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Re: Poor communication from Telstra

Hi Boggles!

Yes, I have done that too...should receive a call by tomorrow from a case manager. Ombudsman is my next port of call if the issue is not resolved.Smiley Happy

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Re: Poor communication from Telstra

i know how you feel

i connected to foxtel from telstra with there deal and have had nothing but problems. i wish i had kept the commentary like you did because it was basically word for word. they have no idea how to help. my internet is top notch but trying to connect the internet to foxtel is apalling.  ring telstra they say it's foxtel.. ring foxtel they say it's telstra... so i'm paying for unworkable foxtel from telstra.

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Re: Poor communication from Telstra

well you must be the only one in australia that gets an australian on the line

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