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Poor NBN speed

So I’ve been a customer for over half a year now. All Telstra has given me is extra data 500gb to be exact to my NBN broadband plan but my speed is still poor and I should be getting at a MINIMUM of 80mbps download at peak hours and minimum of 30mbps for upload speed but I’ve been very patient for the past six month and I can no longer accept this false advertisement and their policies. I’ve contacted them so many times and each time they had only given me the same response that my internet speed will be back to ‘tier 100’ and tells me to check again in a day if it goes back to that speed. But I’ve been checking almost everyday every time I contact them and it’s never changed the fact that my internets download is on the lower end of 10mbps when download/streaming whilst 7-8mbps when uploading. I’m fed up and very disappoint. If anyone have the same problem, please like this so Telstra is aware that a lot of people are paying for ‘faster’ speed but it’s has not even met their lowest tier speed... let alone the highest tier speed. I’m ready to report them if this is the case...

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Re: Poor NBN speed

What type of NBN technology are you using? FTTP, FTTN/B, NBN HFC, Or Fixed Wireless?
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Re: Poor NBN speed

How are you measuring your speed. Are you measuring it with a speed test app, online using a WEB browser at site such as http://www.speedtest.net/ or are measuring actual download or download speed of a file.


If using a speed test app or an online speed test site the results are in mega bits per second. (Mbps)

If you are measuring an actual download or upload the speed is reported in mega bytes per second (MBps). There are 8 bits in a byte so if you are getting 10 MBps (Mega Bytes per Second) this is the same as 80 Mbps (80 Mega Bits per Second).



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Re: Poor NBN speed

Without knowing your tech type, it's hard to say that 80Mbps Down and 30Mbps up is going to be the minimum for your service. From what I've been told, the current service guarantee from NBN Co. is 50% of your speed plan (I'm trying to find the documentation to show you) but on FTTN services, the minimum is 12 Mbps down and 1Mbps up.


Source: Page 9 - https://www.nbnco.com.au/content/dam/nbnco2/documents/sfaa-wba2-product-catalogue-nebs-product-descr...


Please run a speedtest using either http://speedtest.net or http://speedtest.telstra.com (preferred) and let us know of the results.

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