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Poor unusable and dropping outs internet service, tech sent 3x but not doing anything!

I was with another ISP last year and having issues with my phone / adsl dropping constantly. I have been having this issue since I moved here. However everytime I asked them they reluctant to fix it since the copper line is owned by Telstra. So I decided to moved to Telstra at the beginning of the year so that Telstra can have my copper line looked at.


Basically the issue is. I keep getting drop-outs, my sync speed is ranging from 500kbps to 3000kbps. the issue is the SNR is going up and down like crazy, attenuation is also high at about 50 which suggests there are a lot of noise and interference. I even can hear the noise when I pick up the phone. It is getting worse normally in wet weather to the point that internet is not usable and eventually dropped out.

I only have 1 phone and 1 adsl modem, no alarm and 1 central splitter. In order to maintain connection I have to disconnect my phone. if I plug in my phone my ADSL gone and then come back. If I unplug my phone again it seems I am getting good speed but only for a while, the quality of the line quickly degrades and it just keeps getting worse and worse.


With telstra I have lodged several complaints:

1. The first technician come he said he was a contractor and a line guy. He said there is nothing wrong with the line and he said that he has no proficiency in troubleshooting ADSL issue, he also mentioned that I should opted for professional service that will test my ADSL line all the way from my phone to the pillar and all the way to the exchange, he even call telstra for me to opt for this, he said this is for Level 2 technician. But this cost more money.


2. The "professional service" came but he claims that he was assigned there just to install the telstra modem. At the time I have plugged in my own ADSL modem router. He said he was not aware of any line issue. So I said but what about the "professional service" fee I don't want to be paying for something that I am not getting. He said he will just put it in his notes and just left immediately left and tell me just to call telstra again.  I haven't received the next bill, but if I see "professional service" in my next bill I will be furious.


3. So I rang up telstra saying that I have been "messed" around by these people. The lady on the phone said that she will sent a Level 2 tech. So the guy come with very bad english, he saying he is just a line guy and call telstra again for an adsl problem. I have asked him to look at if there are any other ports available so he can switch it to "good" ones. He said he will have a look, but he just left and no more words from him. I don't think he has done anything since the problem still there.


All I want is just good reliable internet with no drop outs, isn't this too much to ask for a company as big as Telstra?.


I know this can be fixed because my neighbour does not have this issue. I don't care how much it is as long as it fixed!


In my area they don't have cable so cable is not an option. NBN was opted for 3 yrs but cancelled due to Coalition being in government. So it leaves me with half dead internet which pretty much unusable and I'm paying about $90 a month. What a waste of money!


I have used up all my work leave just to wait for Telstra technician to come and end up not doing anything about my situation.

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Poor unusable and dropping outs internet service, tech sent 3x but not doing anything!

Hey rjulianc,


I don't think its too much to ask to have a steady service, I'm sorry that this hasn't been resolved for you yet. This will definitely require further investigation, I'll send you a PM to grab some details.



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