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Port forwading - Technicolor DJA0230TLS

Hi Everyone,


Hope you are able to help me...


I have recently moved across from cable to FTTC NBN... 


Previously I had no issues running either a PS4 or PC onto any games, however, now I am seeing multiple servers kick me (particularly Rainbow Six Siege, on both PS4 and PC). I have tried opening ports on my technicolor modem and assigning static IP's, even to the point of having Telstra Platinum access my PC and follow the same steps to achieve the same result. However, it seems no matter what I do the ports on canyouseeme never open??


I look forward to your responses!



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Re: Port forwading - Technicolor DJA0230TLS

There is a link at the end of this post to an unofficial manual for the DJA0230. See section 8 and 9 for instructions on how to set up port forwarding. For the ports to show as open they need to be open on the device the game is running on. Have you checked if the ports are open. There is a free IOS and android app called fing that you can use to check if the ports are open on the device. Also if  modem is in 4G backup mode (Online light purple) port forwarding will not work.


What error message are you getting it might not be due to the ports not being open that is causing your problem?

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