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Possible DNS problem?

Hi everyone,


I'm having issues with my ADSL2+ that suggests a possible DNS issue:

  • Pages take a long time to load or finish loading (No issues with bandwidth as Speedtest and Ozbroadband reports the speeds I have been usually getting)
  • Occasional timeouts or server not found on Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer
  • Pinging both primary DNS ( and second DNS ( on tells me there’s 100% packet loss. No packet losses with OpenDNS or GoogleDNS on
  • This is a problem across all devices (Windows 7 64bit, Android, iOS) connected with my Telstra Technicolor TG799vac

What I’ve done to try fix it so far:

  • Restarted modem, computer, connected devices numerous times
  • Power cycled the modem numerous times
  • Clicked on ‘Reset’ next to ‘Factory Defaults’ in modem settings
  • Tried using OpenDNS, GoogleDNS, and Telstra Business DNS settings. I could only change it locally under Network Connections in Control Panel, since the Telstra modem doesn’t allow manual configuration of the DNS (I don’t have a spare modem to try putting these settings in the modem itself). Cleared my DNS cache after doing so
  • Turning on and off Dynamic DNS in modem settings
  • Enabling and disabling DHCP, and when enabled, using one of the abovementioned DNS addresses
  • And the usual disabling of all firewalls and scanning for viruses/malware

This has never happened to me before, and the problem appeared suddenly on Saturday. If anyone could help me out I’d be extremely grateful. My suburb is Rockdale NSW 2216, and I’m on a Home Broadband ADSL2+ plan.

Many thanks!

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Re: Possible DNS problem?

Problem seemed to have resolved by itself around 3:30am last night. I had spent hours trying to figure it out and decided to just restore everything to defaults and wait it out. I lost internet connection without doing anyting around 3:30 and without being able to restore it, but it came back not too long after by itself and everything appeared fixed.


Waited till now to make sure it was still fine, and indeed it is. I suspect it might be a Telstra side issue. Pinging the Telstra DNS still reports 100% packet loss though, but I'm not sure if my problem was a DNS issue or that Telstra doesn't allow it's server to be pinged.



And a quote from another user with similar problems to mine last night on Whirlpool -

"This happened to me last night. Web pages took a few tries to finally load.

I called up BigPond and requested level 2 technical support as I had already tried all the basic trouble shooting. isolation, etc tests. When at level 2 technical support they had a look into it and tried a few things:
- removed hybrid authentication (i.e. apparently our modems can authenticate the internet service using your BigPond login, or home phone number.
- removed a stability profile I had attached to my service

One of the two, or both seemed to have solved my DNS issue.

I'd recommend you give that a try if your issue still persists.

They also acknowledged that this was a known issue for customers using a certain BigPond gateway modem/router from a firmware upgrade they pushed out. The Technicolor TG797n v3 (which I have) apparently shouldn't have been affected."

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Re: Possible DNS problem?

There is a thread on this -


Still waiting for it to be rectified. Not holding my breath though.

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