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Postcode 2539......ADSL Dropping Out for Over 8 months...!!

I have honestly had enough of Telstra and they're absolute disregard for customer satisfaction and to provide a service that is actually fit for purpose. I have had an active ADSL connection in location 2539 for over a year, no home phone connected and a Technicolor TG797nv3 Router/Modem, for the last 8 months my connection has been intermittently dropping out, WAN light OFF, Internet and ECO lights RED, then after anything from 20-60 secs it reconnects and internet is back, this can happen 10-15 times an hour or sometimes it may be 2-3 hours before it drops out. I have had Telstra Technicians here, been on hold to support for at least 3-4 hours only to be told the same things over and over again with 'robot' responses, reset the modem, factory reset the modem but to no avail......I'm now annoyed, VERY annoyed that this is still happening after 8 months. I pay $69 a month for a laughable connection......(while I've been writing this it has already dropped out 5 times..!!)......Please, Please Telstra can you at least try and give me a reason as to why this connection is so poor and then we can look at solving the issue.....otherwise I will use my profession as a lawyer to really get things going.

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Postcode 2539......ADSL Dropping Out for Over 8 months...!!

Hi Sennaman,


The one thing I cannot see in the list of troubleshooting so far is a modem replacement. Tech support should be able to organise this if the device is still within warranty. 


If the testing shows a line issue a technician will be sent out but if they have already been out and the line was working then the modem seems like the next step. 


- AlistairQWA

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