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Power outage ~ FTTC NBN box won’t reconnect

Hi all


two questions:


1) when power is cut off to my FFTC NBN box, it takes days to restart ~ the second blue light keeps blinking, indicating I understand that is trying to power up the NBN.  How can I fix this?  I lose several days of internet whenever there is a momentary black out.


2). How do you get anyone from Telstra to ever actually respond?  I’ve tried the self help message service (even with a link from the fault report that clearly shows on my fixit page) ~ but nothing.  ‘Agent is typing’ can last for days with nothing ever coming.  I’ve tried the phone ~ went through the whole answer system and was on hold for 35 mins then the phone just cut off.  Tried going to a store, where I was told to try the message service.  I have never been on the receiving end of such poor service in all my life.  I am being charged monthly for a service that doesn’t work and I can’t get through to anyone to get help.  What to do?

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