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Problem with moving

Hello. I wonder if anyone has any advice. I recently placed a move order (for moving house) and got a confirmation email from Telstra with the correct information and felt like everything was going to go as planned. Then I got an text from Telstra to see they were moving me to my OLD address. That’s when the problems started. They had to cancel my previous order even though they confirmed I did it correctly, it had wrongly come through on their systems as a “transfer” request I was told. I have subsequently been using the chat to try to resolve the problem. From that point I’ve had one generic reply after the other from people (or maybe bots?) that completely ignore the previous messages. I am getting no where. It’s a simple request. Disconnect the old address, connect the new address. I’m now here at the new address with no internet which I need for work. Is there a way of talking to someone competent or would going into a shop help? One person I spoke to suggested sometimes making an ombudsmen complaint is the only way to get someone to sort it out. I’m worried because about 6 months ago I attempted to get a phone from Telstra and it took 5 weeks, 4 orders, at least 2 Telstra complaints and an ombudsmen complaint to get it. I don’t want to be in that situation again 

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Level 3: Gumshoe

Re: Problem with moving

Well. After days of trying I’ve cancelled everything and will get my wife to apply in her name. Is it possible that accounts are black listed or have “suspicious tags” placed on them? Just trying to think what can make this happen every time I try to engage with Telstra. I really don’t understand why this keeps happening to me

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