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Provisioning NBN connection

Why is it with NBN provisioning there is no follow up and constant stream of lies and promises that are never met.  I have been trying to get my internet activated for about five weeks.  I have been told my case is priority 1 for the last 3 weeks.


I have been trying to get my internet connected to my new house.  Since November 24th


I have recently finished building my home and 3 weeks before I moved in I called to book my NBN connection.


I was originally told I would have it connected on the 12th of December  only to be called two days before to be told there was a mistake with my order and the earliest I could have it done was the 7th of January.


I was ok with this because I knew it was xmas.


Anyway on Tuesday the 30th the guys from the NBN knocked on my door and said I can do Your house tomorrow when I do your neighbours or you can wait until the 7th I agreed to do it the following day.  


Once it was installed I called telstra to see if I could have my activation date moved forward.


They said I could and that it would be up and running on the Monday 5th  8 o’clock.  


I was also told I would get a follow up call that Monday to make sure it was all working.


The internet was working but not the phone.


I didn’t get a call on the Monday.  So I couldn’t let anyone know.


I was working all day Tuesday still had no call back.


I called on Wednesday and was told by my “case manager”.  That there had been a problem with my activation and that I would have to have both my internet and my phone disconnected.  So it could be re-done.  


I was told it should be done within 48 hours.  Once again I was told I would get call back on Monday to see how it went. I didn’t get a call back.


It wasn’t working


Once again I had call up originally.   I was talking to someone who told me that phone service had to be processed again and that my internet was still in rollback.


But before the finished speaking the line dropped out.   So I waited expecting the to call back they didn’t.

So once again I had to call back.  I thought I could speak to the same person.   But I was speaking with another lady who told me my service should be fixed up in 48 hours and that she had emailed my “case manager”( the same person who hasn’t called me back twice already)


This is still going on for another 3 weeks past this point I call I’m told it will be another 24 to 48 hours and that I will get a follow up call after I’m connected I have been told this around 6 times. I never get a call back and what makes it worse when I call I can never get my” case manager” but when the guys read the notes they tell me that my case manager has contacted me.


I have also been told my issue has been moved to priority one around for the last two weeks.


Today when I called I was told it was being rolled back again and that my “Case Manager” would call back.


I was not happy with this as I have told this sought of rubbish for the last 3 ½ weeks.


I asked to speak to a supervisor.  He wasn’t available but I was told he would call me back once he was finished on the phone he didn’t call back either.

I have put in an official complaint.  However whenever I call I can’t get through.  I have no idea what to do now really I think I need to change service providers as I have spent at least 12 hours on the phone trying to get this sorted out over the past 3 to 4 weeks.  I don't really want the phone connected i only really want internet I shoud have just left it when they first connected it.    

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Re: Provisioning NBN connection

We have had the exact same problem with getting our nbn connected. Over five weeks ago we moved apartments, literally up 11 floors in the same building. Not only did Telstra cut the service off at our old apartment two days early, despite Us saying it was really important that didn't happen as I was submitting a thesis online, but now it has yet to be reconnected. I work from home and have had no internet, and my partner has spent countless hours on the phone when he is at work due to the opening hours of the nbn call centre.
We have been through various phone calls lasting 30 minutes, up to over an hour. We have spoken to our "case manager" who consistently tells us its a problem on our end, and yet every other person we speak to has told it is "provisioning" and something Keeps going wrong during the activation stage. We have made an official complaint, however even a person in the complaints department was rude and hung up on us mid- call when she told us we could wait to speak to lady Dealing with our case. We have also been promised call backs, and that people are monitoring our case to make sure things are happening, but we never get calls backs.
We recently got letter from Telstra, however that even got sent to our old address? It is just one thing on top of the other that goes wrong, and it has been the most frustrating experience.

I would not recommended Telstra after this experience, as it should not take 5 weeks to connect the Internet.
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Re: Provisioning NBN connection

It seems good old telstra is up to its old tricks again. I too have been fobbed off by at least 6 case managers after complaining about the "provisioning " aspect of my NBN connection. It's been over two months now that telstra has been using delaying tactics on me and i'm about to get legal advice about my contract with them or at least contact the ombudsman about this farce. If that doesn't work maybe good old social media may also help.

It seems noone at Telstra has the gonads to tell the truth about the matter but I can guess what has happened. Proberbly Telstra has oversubscribed the number of people that it expected to sign up to NBN and either NBN Co or Hutchinson or whoever runs the show now wants more money and Telstra doesn't want to pay or is in negotiations!

Any way Telstra stop treating your customers like morons by not talking to them. It's not good business you know !

Oh and by the way please dont ask me to hang on for a quick survey about how you fared on service.

Why why why did i ever believe telstra could get it right with NBN, just cant wait for my next bill as it will proberbly take another 2 months and 100 hours of my time to get it right!!

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Re: Provisioning NBN connection

Wow. Glad I read this. I am 10days in to this exact runaround. I am going to try the ombudsman tomorrow. Fruitless hours on the phone to telstra I could give you every script word for word...there's even one that goes..gee I am glad you got me I have been with telstra 8 years and have worked in many different departments so I am sure I can assist....with yet another run around. I am over it. Telstra have completely botched this ..vey incompetent at fixing problems but excellent at bouncing customers around

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