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Provisioning NBN connection

Hi All, 


Wondering if anyone can clear up some queries for me today. Ive been a Telstra customer for years, hearing about the NBN has been exciting over the years and was over the moon when i recieved a post card in the mail saying nbn is coming soon. I consistanly checked with telstra on a monthy basis and checking the rollout map until my loaction was updated to "available, fixed line" but to which Telstra told me i'm in a non servicable area and most likely would never get the NBN, so i gave up, late last year.


I have now moved into a new property with all fibre, i spoke to a Telstra team member on the wednesday 03.05.17 to organize my address change and NBN swap over. The lady had told me on the phone that the NBN has nothing to do with ADSL moving over etc and that it would be ready for me when i move in on the friday 05.05.17. To my dissapointment i could not get it to work.


I have the wall mount inside the house with the box with the fibre installed, Green lights come on for FIBRE etc, but when i called Telstra they had informed me my account was in Provisioning and i had to have an appointment booked in for a technician, which can't attend for a MONTH! 6th of june! so im pretty upset due to the way i have been handled as a customer with Telstra and i'm now left without a service. Every time i asked why a technician needs to come to the premise they ignored my question. so hopefully someone on here can clear things up


I have the NBN box inside the house in one of the rooms with the modem installed and a yellow LAN coming out of the port UNI-D 1 but no light comes on when plugged into my router or a PC, tried both so what is the hold up? What am i missing thats so important that an appointment needs to be made?


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Re: Provisioning NBN connection

Hi @BrockEklund


Welcome to CrowdSupport.


I apologise for the issues you're having with the NBN service / installation. If you've already got the equipment installed I am unsure why there would need to be a technician sent out.


If this is a new service, do you have an NBN Case Manager at all for this?


If not, you could contact the NBN team on 1800 834 273 and go through to Sales to see why the order is being held up.


- Justyn

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