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I originally signed up for home internet on 16th March with a 500Gig Cable internet plan and no service connection fee ($99 waived) for $75 month. I was told it would require two technician appointments, one to establish a phone and a second subsequent appointment to install cable. The second appointment for cable installation was 24th March. The technician at that appointment stated my home was not compatible with cable (yet was assured it was at time of purchase). I was instructed to call and cancel the cable appointment, wait 24 hrs, then call to initiate an ADSL appointment. I followed the instructions. After being on hold for almost 3 hours to schedule a ADSL technician appointment, an agent picked up and said that because I cancelled my cable installation they would not be able to install ADSL unless I signed up again as a new customer. The against also stated that the process would be restarted including appointment wait times and was unwilling to expedite due to my circumstances.  Furthermore, and this is the kicker, my original agreed upon plan was no longer valid and I could only choose a $90/mo unlimited internet with $99 fee waived or a $75/mo 500G with $99 fee. I felt trapped and scared that if I did not choose one at that time I would not be able to secure much needed internet for the wife and daughter (school/work) and selected the $90/mo plan. The agent stated I would receive a message scheduling the technician appointment within 5 days. That was on the 25th March and I have still yet to get a call/message/email to schedule an appointment to get internet that I signed up for almost a month ago.  And get this... I just received an email itemizing my first bill which apparently is $270.90 (Once-off charge of $81.29, $90 ongoing charge, and a $99 SERVICE CONNECTION FEE!!! Hahahaa!!). I say again,...hahahahaaa!!...that’s a good one Telstra...April fools?


Just tried to call again and the call dropped after it was picked-up post 1-hour wait Smiley Happy


Super satisfied customer!



Called on the 7th April. On hold for 1.5 hrs. Agent booked ADSL tech appointment next day.


8th April ADSL tech connected internet within 10min. Service work was done outside of the home. Tech only came inside to verify modem light was green.


10th April. ADSL stops working flashing white light on modem, no WAN/DSL light on back. Attempt trouble shoot online. Referred to call. Call made. After attempted trouble shoot, Rep escalated to level 2. Stated call would be made for line test within the next 8-24hrs. Call lasted for 30 min.


Received a call on April 11th. Rep said they needed to do a line test. Brief hold. The rep booked a technician in to fix our line for 13th April. Stated a charge may apply.


Mid April and the internet finally operational after a 10min house call.


So now I have received my bill and still have the outstanding $99 connection fee lingering, charges for service that I never received (see above) from March through mid April of $72.58 and cannot get anyone to help resolve.


I have attempted to raise a bill query but the website states I need to use one of the two apps. I get into the apps and only receive automated communication with no resolution and to call a rep during the day.


Telstra, can you please help me resolve these charges?


Call recieved 3 June 2020vat 10:00am from collection representative. I wished to dispute my bill and attempted to online and through the app to no avail. He said he would transfer me to their resolution team. I asked if I would be placed on hold. He stated no, that he would transfer me directly. I was sent to an automated message stating my call could not be received due to covid 19 and asked if I would like a link to the app sent sms. I said no. Call was ended.


I revived another call from a collection agent, Same as above. Said they would provide an extension and a representative from resolutions would be contacting me within the extension period to resolve. I have yet to receive contact.


I received a reminder on 30th June to pay my overdue balance. I paid the monthly charges agin but am still waiting or resolve the other disputed charges.


I have continued to pay the second originally agreed upon rate of $90 month for unlimited. I have submitted multiple bill inquiries in an attempt to resolve the $99 connection charge and $72.58 charge for internet service I did not receive. My internet was restricted today, 6/7/2020, for the outstanding amounts. I made another inquiry through the app that led to forcing me to call 132200. After explaining once again to a representative about my charges dispute, they attempt to get a Billings rep to address and so on hold for 45 min. The collections representative continued to hold with me and checked back every two minutes. After 45 min of holding he stated he would no longer be able to hold with me. And that my options were to pay the disputed charges to reconnect and then continue to dispute with the Billings team. Or be transfered to the Billings team que and wait until I got a representative. If I was not able to hold for the duration to get a representative, a note would be left requesting a call back. The turn around time for internet reinstatement was stated as 24hrs. I chose to pay the disputed charges and the collections rep stated he would apply a note to the account that I would be continuing to dispute the charges. After my payment, I was placed in the Billings team que. on the phone for a total of 2 hrs and no answer.

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