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Re: Home bundle Add $10 combo reward to mob account

Steph wrote:

10.34 The Every Day Connect Plans are not available with any other Telstra mobile offer unless we tell you otherwise.

As the Combo Reward in question is the Mobile Combo Reward, and is a special offer applied to the Mobile Service, it is excluded under this portion of the Terms and Conditions of the Every Day Connect Plan, rather than the Combo Rewards Terms and Conditions.

That a creative interpretation of “Telstra mobile offer”, considering that the Home Bundle and Mobile Combo Reward is a special offer in the Home Bundle section, and not a special offer in (Part C – Special Promotions in) the Telstra Mobile section of Our Customer Terms.


All the same, thank you muchly for the answer, and since I have neither a qualifying Home Bundle from before March 2011, nor an Every Day Connect Plan, my interest in this is purely academic. I'll leave it to those who are materially affected to decide whether to challenge Telstra on the validity of that interpretation.

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