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Re: Installation Cost for - Ultimate Cable 200GB Deal (Telstra Complete Home™ Saver 200GB Bundle)

Hi Nelly,


Thanks for your reply. It is helpful, but I still have some questions as noted below in Blue.


@nelly82 wrote:

Hi Richard H and welcome to CrowdSupport.  Just to let you know I do not work for Telstra but I will try and help you out where I can.


In response to your post, Do you have an active line at your house with iinet at the moment and if you do are you looking at brining that back to Telstra so you can get the bundle? 

Or are you looking at getting a new line with Telstra installed with the bundle?

There is currently a landline to the premises connected with Iinet. There once was a landline account which was with Telstra, it was disconnected and a new account was set up with IInet for a landline number. I am not sure in which category this is applicable to in regards to your questions above.


In response to your other questions please see below:


Q 1. Does this deal include free installation of the cable from the street into my house?

A. If it is a standard installation, then yes.  If more work is required then you will be charged.  I believe the standard work would include things like linking the cable from the street to your house and driling a hole in your wall and installing the cable output inside the premises ( This is what the cable installer did at my residence and I was not charged)  If you are renting,  Make sure you get permission from your landlord before applying.

In Regards to connection fees for the fixed line,  Only Standard install included.  Whether you are bringing a number back from another provider of getting a new line connected,  If it is not a standard line install and depending what kind of work is required, You will be looking at a charge of between $129-$299.

Q. Does this mean I will not know if there is an installation cost until a technician visits the premises to inspect?


Q2. I believe this deal includes (free of charge) the cable modem (100MBit), but I need to pay for postage ($9.95). Please confirm? 

A. AFAIK, only the normail 30MB modem is included with the price and you need to pay extra to get the faster modem.  (Feel free to correct me if I am mistaken)

From the leaflet I got in the mail, it suggested that in my area I could get 100MBit/s speed with the Ultimate Cable 200GB bundle for $78/mth. I therefore assume that the modem wil be for this speed. It would be great if a Telstra rep could confirm this as the speed differential is quite large between 30-100MBit/s.


Q3. Does this deal include the installation of the modem?

A. Yes.  the cable tech will install the modem and set it up for you. Thanks.


Q4. The $78 monthly charge includes a $10 discount on this bundle which is normally $88. Can you confirmt that at the end of the 24months, the monthly charge is back to $88.

A. This is generally the case,  If you signed up with the discounted price and after the contract ends,  Telstra will more than likely charge you the normal amount of the plan,  In your case $88. Thanks.


Q5. Can you provide a link to the call charges for calling from the landline as I could locate this on the website.

A. The Home Saver 200GB Bundle comes with the line plan Homeline Budget.  Call rates are in the following link:  Thanks.


Q6. I read somewhere that there is a deal where you pay $X per month for unlimited local and discounted STD or international calls. Does such a deal exist and is it possible to include into this deal?

A There are different bundles available to you some of them giving you free local and STD or cheaper STD calls.  Regarding International Roaming,  There are bolt on packs that you can purchase to add to your phone account which will give you cheap call rates to international.  The Bundle you are currently looking at does not include free local or STD calls unfortunately but if you are looking at those kind of features with your internet,  I have provided the link to the bundles plans below. 







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