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Re: Misinformation on Bundling http://bc.whirlpool.net.au/bc/isp-1-1/telstra-bigpond-cable.htm?p=240

I am disappointed about this misleading advertising .
As far as I'm aware, the Whirlpool forum is run entirely independently of Telstra, and Telstra does not advertise its offerings through Whirlpool's Broadband Choice facility. It is outside of Telstra's control as to whether Whirlpool is posting out-of-date or incorrect information (on anything at all).


If you, as a Whirlpool member, is concerned about the correctness of the information posted there, then perhaps you should take the initiative to advise the site administrators and/or moderation team over there. The designated official Telstra representatives do not have a different standing on Whirlpool than yours as forum members, and the ‘rep tag' is meant to put rules on how they interact with you, but not how they interact with the site owner / administrators / moderation team.
Departed from CrowdSupport as of 12 June 2013, when the fun factor for me had finally completely evaporated with all the recent site layout and functionality changes, and the apparent efforts to turn a community goodwill-powered vehicle into something closer to a customer service channel.

The opinions and sentiments expressed above are mine only, and do not necessarily reflect Telstra's views or position. I work at Telstra, but my participation here is strictly in a personal capacity as a fellow Australian telecommunications services consumer, and you can safely assume you are not my customer, client, patron, benefactor or friend when I post in this forum.

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