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Re: new line connection

Thanks for replying but perhaps you could re-read my original post.


I know that internal wiring is done by me.


The trenching could be done by me or the Telstra sub-contractor. This is also known by me.


My issue is I can't seem to get through to anyone in Telstra to give me an update as to what is happening to my request for the connection from my house to the PIT (refer to original post). Ie the wiring from the front of my house to the street which can only be done by an approved Telstra contractor!


Telstra's customer service is appalling, rang up and spoke to atleast 7 people and no one can put me to the right area.

Anyway after much googling I finally found a document written in 2008 with an approved contractor name. Rang up the contractor, they told me that they no longer do contracting for Telstra. Great!


The request was put in over a month ago and have not heard from anyone!






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