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Re: new line connection

Good luck with your saga!!


I had the misfortune of trying to change ownership of a phone line. SIX MONTHS later many,many hours on the phone and fax and email, got charged twice so paid both bills, only to be told the original owner of the line had received a cheque for the double up payment.....only to find out later no one received a  Telstra wins again.


Just a little off topic, I had a Telstra sales contractor knock on my door the other day. And what a deal she had to offer!!


ADSL 2+ with up to 20 Meg per second, currently I'm lucky to get just under 1 mb/s,500 Gig download, free calls to Telstra mobiles, cheaper could I refuse??


Well my question was what happens if it all goes wrong? My Internet goes down, the Fox price goes up and there is no free calls....who do I call? Oh yeah, its the same guys I called about my phone line.


Just can't risk it...if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.


Good luck





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