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Re: Phone wont make a dial tone.


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You could try and ring your home phone from your mobile to check and see if a diversion was indeed placed. From what I know, you should be able to hear a long continuous tone on the line if a diversion was set. You can disable it by ringing #21#.


You could aslo try checking the phone's base station and make sure the phone cable is plugged in properly (Try connecting it to a different socket if possible). Rebooting all components might help as well.


If you have an alternate phone other than the Telstra 9850, maybe you can check if it can get a dial tone just to rule out a line or wall socket problem.


You can also call Residential Faults at 132 203 or try Live Chat. Hope you get it fixed.



Note: Calls made on a Telstra mobile to general customer  enquiry numbers are toll-free. (Link)







[I work for Telstra but please note that the views and opinions I express are my own and doesn't necessarily reflect those of Telstra]

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