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Re: Questions - Telstra Complete Home Saver 200GB Bundle

The BigPond Cable Broadband Bundle Deal – Save $10 per month offer is available in BigPond Cable areas and includes $10 monthly discount on the Telstra Complete Home Saver 200GB Bundle. The discount will be removed if you cancel your bundle or your bundle ends. Depending on your provider, you may not be able to keep your VOIP number. There should be no setup costs for the landline, but best bet is to call to confirm. If you don't have Foxtel points, we will generally install them unless your renting, then you need to get approval of the landlord. The speed is up to 100Mbps, enter your post code to confirm you can get it. If you are an existing customer, you will need to pay for the modem. If your a new customer,no cost.


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