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Re: Telstra Live Chat

I have received my Telstra modem

When do I plug it in please?


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Re: Telstra Live Chat

Has you internet service been delivered? What sort of service is it?


Regardless, if you have not got an NBN internet service, you should be able to plug the modem in and provided the red WAN or grey DSL port is not connected, the modem should come up in 4G Backup mode (Steady blue indicator on the front of the modem). 


Be aware that once the modem is powered up, it may go through a few firmware update - you'll see the front light change colour when that happens. So give it plenty of time to settle down before trying to use it in anger. Also, the speed of the 4G service will not be the same as the full internet service you have ordered, so streaming and multiple users may be affected in the short term.


When the NBN internet service is provided, depending on how it is delivered, you then connect that to either the red WAN port or grey DSL port as appropriate. The modem will detect the internet connection and switch over to normal mode (solid green indication).


There may also need to be some modem setting changed in the modem, to allow full operation in 4G mode.

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