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Re: Why does my internet keep dropping out?

It's happening to me too mine would disconnect ever 5 minutes I spent 6 months trying to get it fixed and as close as I could get was dropouts 3 to 4 times a day

But since we got rain it's dropped out every 2 hours which is really annoying so I'm back on the phone talking to Telstra again having to go through all the same questions I answered every week for 6months when I got it connected yay!

I know what has to be done the technician told me last time all that can be done is they go down to the node and change me there

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Telstra (Retired)

Re: Why does my internet keep dropping out?

Hi Tahn,


When customers call in to report a fault, we will always go through a process of elimination. Just because the equipment in your home wasn't the cause of difficulties previously, doesn't mean that components can't become faulty in the interim. For example: connectors haven't corroded slightly, filters become faulty, cables damaged etc. 


Once the configuration and equipment has been eliminated, they will send this through to testers who will be able to perform more detailed tests on the network to help location the source of the issue and then organise a technician to attend.


I understand that it can be frustrating to go through the troubleshooting steps repeatedly, however this process is in place for a reason. 



- Shelly

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Re: Why does my internet keep dropping out?

Not a very good reason Shelley.  We are paying the bill.  You should waste your time first before you make the customer waste their time.  Especially when, in my experience, it is a system fault at your end.  Funny how when you complain a lot of times it suddenly gets fixed!


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Re: Why does my internet keep dropping out?

The only trouble Telstra has us ut constant outages Australia wide for over 12 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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