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Re: Why don't you want to keep me Telstra?

Siggy169 wrote:
lol - the bottom line is that Telstra is happy to lose my money to someone else, I dont understand that
Revenue it itself is not the be-all-and-end-all in business.


It is obvious that if Telstra has discontinued particular mobile plans (such as the $49 Next G Cap Plan, which included a $20 monthly MRO Bonus, as opposed to only $10 monthly MRO Bonus for the current Freedom Connect Plan $49) and offers (such as half-price Data Packs for bolting onto eligible post-paid plans), it must have its strategic, commercial and/or regulatory reasons – such as wanting to contain and reduce services-in-operation that are not profitable enough – for doing so. Keeping an individual consumer's custom in misalignment with that direction simply isn't good business, and “losing [his or her] money” may be the better thing to do.


From another perspective, if you won't be a happy customer going onto an in-market plan, and the company wants happy customers – which I know it does – then instead of being forced to deal on your terms to make you happy, perhaps it's also the better thing to do to let you become a non-customer instead. That way, both parties are happier for it – the company does not have to offer what it doesn't want to sell, and you don't have to take what you don't want to buy – even if it means parting ways and kissing the current commercial arrangement goodbye.


Again, I hope this aids your understanding.
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