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Re: Why don't you want to keep me Telstra?

surely a customer paying something (even if it is slightly less than the norm), contracted into a broadband plan, a home phone and 2 mobile plans is better than losing all of that?
Again, it's not just about keeping or losing the revenue from your custom. You cannot keep the mobile plans you currently have and get new MRO contracts for new handsets attached to them, for reasons already detailed above. Telstra will not break or change the rules just for you, regardless of any express or tacit ultimatum on your part, and making an exception to accommodate your terms for continued custom is not “better than losing all of that”.


If the dollar amount is the only issue, you can try asking for a discount on an in-market Freedom Connect plan – and while the chances of your getting one is slim, it's still more do-able than letting you stay on the $49 Next G Cap Plan (with the half-price Data Pack component bringing the included monthly usage allowance up to 2GB).


All good things come to an end some time. Telstra will not forcefully kick you off your ‘current’ mobile plans, but prefer to wait for you to take the initiative and either sign up for new plans on new contracts – with the lure of MRO Bonus credit offsetting the purchase prices of new handsets – or cancel your mobile services of your own accord. It will of course not offer you any incentive to hang on to those plans.


Do you get the crux of it now? It's not about ‘the money’.
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