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Recent Problems with Gateway Frontier



Have had Telstra Gateway Frontier for a few months now. Originally everything worked well (wifi, phone, Telstra AIR, 4G Backup, NBN FTTN etc). But in past few weeks something strange is happening.


The 4G signal for the backup is normally 4 or 5 bars alternating between GOOD and SUPERB. There are 3 mobile phone towers that I know of within 1 - 3 kilometres of me.


BUT several times a day in last few weeks the 4G backup signal will drop down to POOR and UMTS mode and the light goes to red or even turns right off. It can stay this way for 5 or 10 minutes and recover all by itself to GOOD or SUPERB signal, other times modem has to be rebooted - i do this via the web interface and it comes good again.


Even WORSE when 4GB backup dies it pulls down the NBN internet connection with it ! Which kind of defeats the purpose of having the Gateway Frontier if failure of the Backup even albeit for a short time pulls down the NBN connection !


I have obtained via tech support a replacement but it does the same thing !


The firmware version of the replacement is 16.3.7413-660-RF and the original is 16.3.7413-660-RB


Please note when the 4G signal dies I have my Samsung Galaxy S5 Telstra phone a few feet away from the modem and its 4G signal strength stays good....


I am showing below from the diagnostics section of the Gateway Frontier in the last hour selection the mobile signal history.

Note the sharp drops lasting nearly 10 minutes and normally good signal of 4 out of 5 bars when this happened last Friday around 9.30am AEST as one example... Service status page on Telstra in my area ONLY shows phone service problems since 13th April TBC !!!




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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Recent Problems with Gateway Frontier

Hi dennphy


The 4G backup should only activate when the NBN connection is not active so the fact it is losing signal and then causing an issue for the active connection is obscure. 


If technical support has already replaced the Frontier modem and both are doing the same thing then they should be able to escalate to the network team to investigate the signal drops cause.


- AlistairQWA

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