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Reconnecting to adsl from NBN satellite

Hi I hope someone can advise me. We live in Cashmere 25km from Brisbane CBD. NBN in their wisdom is only offering satellite. We were told our adsl service was going to be discontinued because NBN satellite was available in our area, so we switched. Oh my goodness what a nightmare! Slow service which doesnt even work when it rains. Expensive plans which offer ridiculously low data (70,000gb per MONTH) during peak times and the same for off peak (1.00am-7.00am). Who can live in these times with that amount! We want to go back to our original adsl service as it doesn’t seem to be going to be discontinued in the near future. My question is can I do this and cancel my nbn satellite service?

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Re: Reconnecting to adsl from NBN satellite

As a general rule, the ADSL services in Skymuster serviced areas aren't being turned off. That only happens where there is fixed line NBN being offered in an area.


You would need to order an ADSL service from Telstra first and get it installed (just to make sure that there are still ports available at the exchange - someone else may have been waiting and taken the one you used to use). Then you could cancel the Skymuster service.


First though, check with your provider and make sure that you don't have a minimum contract period on the Skymuster service, otherwise you might end up with a nasty shock.

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