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refund required for pathetic service/not providing what I am paying for

Over the last few months we have had crews in the neighborhood digging up trenches etc , I assume for the oncoming NBN.

This has coincided with days or weeks long outages.

All at time when we are working from home ( we have three at home workers and a number of school children )  and depending on this pathetic service.

Since the start of the digging, if we are'nt experiencing an outage, the speed drops to virtually useless 3.5Mbps down to .2Mbps.

Lately its even worse during the evening with speeds barely registering ( OOKLA speed test wont even start ) .

I have now spent nearly 3 hrs on a Sunday night trying to connect to support/billing anybody from Telstra to complain. 

I posted this on the Billing forum earlier this evening............................ 

I just want to ask why I havnt received a credit promised by your agent..

Its been 2 hr so far going around in circles , and I cant talk to anybody. or log the issue from a windows laptop. I must be the only Telstra customer without an android or iphone ..I know Caronovirus is an issue , but if you really want to provide the service you crow about , you would set up a callcenter in Australia , at least during caronavirus ... VERY DISSAPOINTED !!!! to say the least


To say the least..........

Anyway .. if this forum is even monitored by a Telstra person ... please reply ........


Doug   @%^#$&(!!!!


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Re: refund required for pathetic service/not providing what I am paying for

Crowd support is only a community forum not an offical support channel. You'll need to contact billing about your issue again or raise a complaint online.

For Official Support Chat Now, try the Online Troubleshooter, check for Outages or Raise a Complaint.

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Re: refund required for pathetic service/not providing what I am paying for

Thanks 343guiltyspark ....


I sort of knew that.

Just had to vent my spleen 



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