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Regular dropouts on Cable (Brisbane QLD)

Hello, I have cable internet through Telstra (not nbn) which we have had for a very long time over a decade at least, and it has generally performed excellently over that time period.


Lately for the past few months we have been getting dropouts quite regularly and they seem to be increasing in frequency over time. The internet will cut out for a few seconds or even a second or less and then reconnect, this could happen potentially dozens of times a day (hard to get an exact number.) It's highly inconvenient and greatly affects streaming and other programs that rely on a stable internet connection.


We also had foxtel via cable (until recently) and the foxtel would cut out and lose signal at the same time as the internet was dropping out (so this seems more likely to be an issue with our infastructure rather than a modem problem?) I don't think our Isolator has been opened for over a decade, not sure about the pit.


NBN I believe has been doing work in the area for a while, I think they did some work in our street a few months back, unsure if the issues are related to that. Postcode is 4169, and on the NBN rollout page it lists:

Construction stage Build commenced Planned to be available from Apr-Jun 2019*

Note: Some premises may require more work before they are ready to connect.

Planned technology

nbn™ Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC)*


Attached here is a picture of my modem stats, and the event log.


Any assistance regarding my issues, or pointers to get in contact with the correct people would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


modem stats

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Regular dropouts on Cable (Brisbane QLD)



Thanks for contacting us and sorry to hear of the trouble with your connection. We report outages or maintenance on our service status page below. This might be the cause:




And here for troubleshooting steps https://tel.st/m98v8 which may fix the connection.


If not, please call Telstra Technical Support team on 133 933 they can run some tests and get this working again.


Let me know if you have any trouble.


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