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relocation woes

Hey, could someone please tell me how much it will cost to fix a pair gains line. I have recently just moved to a brand new estate... yet I've been told that due to telstra techs being lazy... everyone is on pair gains so adsl isnt viable.. what are my options to get this fixed? Would installing a brand new line for adsl work? Do I need a lead in if there is an inplace there already? If a l3ad in needs to be done what are the costs associated with it? Also we do not want to gotl satellite or wireless as these options are way to pricey.
My partner and I are pulling our hair out as we are abid net users and gamers that require the net...
please help.

desperate and frustrated.

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Re: relocation woes

Hi Ama and Welcome to CrowdSupport Smiley Happy


The pair gains system on your phone line is not something that can be 'fixed' as it is not a fault. These devices are designed to be able to supply you with a phone service however in some cases they do not support ADSL.


Applying for a new line will not resolve this as it will go through the same equipment. If there is an alternate path available for your line we will investigate during the ADSL order process, so if you haven't already you can place an order. Recommend chatting with us on http://tel.st/eAUDU


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