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Requesting adsl2 port

Dear Telstra , here to once again request an adsl2 or 2+ port please assist me thank you

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Re: Requesting adsl2 port

Hi TammyandP,

As far as I'm aware there is no process (via Crowd Support or otherwise) to request an ADSL2+ port, other than through the normal application processes.

I would suggest contacting tech support to see if there is any ports available in your exchange/cabinet and if there is they may be able to request your service be transferred to one.
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Telstra (Retired)

Re: Requesting adsl2 port

hi TammyandP


As Kalak has advised, there is no process for requesting an ADSL2 or ADSL2+ port other than via an application process which you can do either by calling 132200 or via Live Chat


-    Lindy 

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Re: Requesting adsl2 port

I am pretty sure TammyandP was being facetious...


Do what I did Tammy - just to ease the pain a bit and maybe save a quid or two...


Put landline account on hold until such time that ADSL port becomes available. Works if you have a mobile which I assume you do...


Don't let anyone tell you you can't do it because you can. I did it and am saving $90 per month until the port comes in. Total potential saving of $630.....


Spread the word because as an individual it may not hurt the income stream but as a collective there is potential it will trigger action. Particularly when the number of those waiting for a port are likely to be in the order of thousands......

At my exchange there are 19 households waiting (as at 17 Apr 14). There are approx 2940 ADSL capable exchnages. Assuming queue length in fernvale QLD matches that of other areas that have ADSL exchanges I could then do the fol:

19 x 2940 = 55860. Therefore I could be ambitious and say that if all 55860 had ability to place landline on hold (has mobile phone) and they all had same cost as I then total collective saving could be $5,027,400.00!!! Per Month!!!!! Times that by 12 and you get a potential total collective saving of $60,328,800.00 annually.


That saving by consumers equals loss of revenue by Telstra.....

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